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Under sink purifier with 2 Levels Ultra microfiltration

Reference - PR-AUS2-UM

Double filtration standard with membrane 0.2 micron

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Purifier filters with triple 10-inch ultra-filtration and 0.2 micron against harmful substances and bateries.

This filtration system is the most comprehensive range of purifier because it can retain micro-organisms and viruses in the water.
It plugs in your kitchen sink to filter drinking water in your home. Provided all the material allows a quick and easy installation. It is advisable to provide a space in the filtration system to replace the cartridges 9 3/4 inches.
Filters in your device can retain particles and filter chlorine, bad taste and pesticides. When the last 12 inches membrane cartridge, it holds all kinds of above 0.2 micron organizations.


For supplying water, self-piercing unleaded will pierce the copper pipe in your kitchen. If you prefer, you can install the fitting with 1/4 inch bypass pipe on the cold water tap.


Properties of the membrane purifier :
- Removes: chlorine, bad taste, organic contaminants, odors, pesticides, herbicides, THMS, PCB, bacteria, viruses.
- Preserves the natural minerals and trace elements from the water.
- Filter all greater than 5 microns (rust, sand, mud, algae).
- Suitable for 6000 liters or up to 1 year.
- Lossless water with flow rate of 2 liters minutes.
- CE and ISO Standard 9001


Filtration equipment provided :
- Tap 1/4 inch long range
- Self piercing unleaded and Support
- 1.5 meter hose 1/4

- Cartridge 5 micron spun

- Activated carbon block cartridge
- Cartridge 12-inch ultra filtration

You can change your cartridge every year by ordering the kit of our original cartridges.


Filtration width350 mm                    
Filtration height385 mm                    
Filtration depth140 mm
Filtration level0.2 micron
Capacity8000 Litres
CertificationsNSF / ANSI 42-53


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