Quick fittings and food tubes: The solution for your drinking water circuits.


We offer fast connection solutions in all diameters for each industrial and domestic sector.

DmFit is recognized for these secure acetal or polypropylene fittings compatible with fluids, gas, air and purified water.

The range of standard and specific quick couplings guarantee high pressure resistance and long-term reliability.

We have polyethylene tubes of different diameters from 3/16 inch to 15 mm with a wide range of colors to visualize the circuits. They meet the specific needs in the agri-food industry such as beer production, salad foggers in supermarkets or the operation of fountains in schools.
In the drinking water filtration sector, PVC nipples and chrome fittings with caps are used to feed a general water point or drinking water point.
Optimum performance, sealing and durability are all requirements for the use of DmFit fittings in the advanced industry.