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Kit Ultra-filtration purifiers under sink
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Kit Ultra-filtration purifiers under sink

Reference - PR-KTAUS2-UM

Set of 3 special cartridges for your drinking water purifier

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Kit of 3 replacement cartridges for your sink purifier with ultra micro-filtration 0.02 microns.

These cartridges are identical to the original model to guarantee a quality of drinking water.
These cartridges filter the impurities, chlorine and bacteria present in the drinking water that comes into your home.
They are not suitable for rainwater or drilling because it is necessary to have a UV sterilizer to destroy 100% of germs and microorganisms.

They are compatible with all purifiers with 9-3/4-inch or 10-inch filter holders installed under your kitchen sink.


Function of the cartridges :

5 micron sediment cartridge:
It filters water to retain all materials greater than 5 microns, such as sand, algae, wood debris, rust.


Activated charcoal cartridge 10 microns:
This cartridge mainly retains the bad taste and unpleasant odor, since the rainwater does not contain chlorine.
It is essential to be able to have clear and pure water before consuming it.


Ultra microfiltration:
In-line cartridge composed of very thin membranes to retain bacteria and viruses below 0.02 micron.


Technical characteristics :
- Maximum dimensions: Length: 9-3/4 inch = 248-250 mm - Width: 65 mm
- cartridge inline: 12 inches X 2.5 inches
- Adsorption capacity:
Filtration: 5 micron nominal
- Compliance: NSF - FDA - ACS
- Operating temperature : 5 to 60°C
- Duration of use 6 to 12 months depending on the quality of origin of the water.



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