Solutions to get rid of weeds all year round.


In recent years, another environmentally friendly method has begun to be used to maintain your garden all year round. Consumers are more concerned about the future of nature today, but they still want to remove weeds and moss in ways that are not necessarily natural. The solution to getting rid of weeds in the paths of your garden and along your sidewalk in front of your home is to use herbicides made from plants, such as geranium.



How does Protecta pelargonic acid herbicide work?


It is made from natural geranium acid which is found in geraniums and is a very effective fatty acid which is widely used for the treatment of unwanted plants.


How does geranium acid work?

Natural geranium acid destroys the cell walls of weed leaves. This causes the cells to lose their structure and dry out in a short time. Its foliar action is fast and effective, and this will be visible within a day of treatment.
Only the green parts of the plant are treated, the stem and the root of the plant are not affected because the cells are too stable and the active substance has no possibility of penetrating the surface. Therefore, the product can be used under hedges, trees and shrubs without having to worry about destroying the whole area.


Why HERBA CLAC herbicide?

  • The active substance, geranium acid, is present in nature.
  • HERBA CLAC 100% biodegradable and leaves no residue in the soil.
  • Land treated with HERBA CLAC can be replanted after just a few days.
  • Woody plants such as trees and shrubs are not damaged, although individual leaves are affected.

Controlling weeds with a biological herbicide is important because the substance will be completely broken down in the soil and will not leave any residue that will affect the environment or other plants.

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