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Empty drinking water purifier on sink

Reference - PR-AQUATOP

Kitchen countertop purifier for standard cartridge

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Drinking water purification sink filter to treat all types of water quality.

The system can accommodate all 9 3/4 inch cartridges to improve taste and also to retain chemicals harmful to the body. He avoids consuming bottled water.
Water comes from the general network from the city or from raw water. It goes through the kitchen faucet to then be directed, thanks to the pull-out nozzle, to the chosen filter cartridge.
This purifier should only be used to filter drinking water. The flow rate is 2 to 3 liters per minute, which makes the filtration as efficient as possible.
We advise you to use the 5 micron block carbon cartridge for water with a bad taste and odor due to chlorine in metropolitan France. If you use this system in the French overseas departments and territories, it is preferable to install a more efficient cartridge such as the 0.5 micron carbon cartridge.
Simple, Convenient and Quick to install without making any modifications to your sink.
Just put it on the worktop near your sink, and connect it to your kitchen faucet.


Filtration equipment supplied :
- 1.50 m of white flexible tube
- Assembly wrench for tank
- 1 bypass valve
1/4 inch with pull tab with adapter


It is possible to use the 2 water outlets at the same time, i.e. someone can take water from the filter to drink while the other person is doing the dishes.


Diameter In/Out1/4 Pouce                   
Filtration width 140 mm                     
Filtration height 320 mm                    
Filtration depth 148 mm                     
Composition headPolypropylène
Composition tankPolypropylène
Flow max4 L/MN
Temperature max50 °C
Pressure max5 bar
Certifications NSF


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