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Nipples - Flexibles

Pipes and hoses are made from stainless steel and polyethylene low density quality.

They can withstand high pressure water or air in all kinds of treatment systems.

The water supply pipes are used for fountains and domestic reverse osmosis.

There are several different sizes of flexible tubing in inch and metric according to sectors. They are supposed to resist the passage of fluids of various origins.
To connect to a filtration system, there is provided plastic nipples, quick couplings or DMFit brass screws. For a perfect seal, seals can play an important role.
Regarding the high capacity, the hoses have the particularity BE sheath reinforced by a stainless steel braided covering of the flexible tube 20 mm in diameter. All tubes are guaranteed food PED.
Do not hesitate to ask for a specific tube or nipple to equip your treatment plant drinking water diproclean.com.