Filter housing for drinking water: Each model for a specific application.


If you're looking for a water filter housing for your home or business, you've come to the right place. At Diproclean, we offer a full range of water filter housings to meet all your water filtration needs for everyday consumption. What are the types of water filters, how do they work and what are the advantages between those made of polypropylene, PVC or stainless steel?


How do water filter housings work?


Water filter holders are the housings that contain filter cartridges to pre-filter impurities and for treatment with activated carbon. Water enters the housing, then passes through the filter cartridge and comes out clean and filtered. Filter cartridges should be changed regularly to maintain water quality. Water filter housings are often used in conjunction with other water filtration systems, such as water softeners, UV sterilizers, or reverse osmosis systems.


What are the benefits of water filter housings?


Water filter housings offer many advantages for individuals and professionals:


  • Improving Water Quality: Water filter housings can be used to retain impurities and other solid matter, but also chemical contaminants from water with granular or block activated carbon, for the purpose of significantly improve its quality for human consumption or industry.
  • Protection of your devices: Water filter housings prevent impurities from entering your household and industrial devices, which extends their life and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Economical: Water filter housings are an economical option for filtering water, as they do not require electricity to operate. When the cell is transparent, you can check the saturation of the cartridge before replacing it.
  • Easy to install: The water filter housings are easy to install either wall-mounted or along the pipe, and do not require major plumbing work.


What are the different types of water filter housings?


There are several types of water filter housings available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.


Polypropylene filter housing:

These water filter housings are boxes, the most used by plumbers to mount a domestic filtration at the inlet of water of the house and industrial on a determined area, which are fixed directly on the water piping. They come in a variety of sizes, like 9 ¾ inches, 20 inches, and even 40 inches.


Stainless steel filter housing:

These 304 or 316 stainless steel filter housings are boxes, resistant to corrosion with high temperature and pressure, which are fixed on a cold or hot water line, depending on the needs. They are often used to filter drinking water and are available in 9 ¾ inch and 20 inch bowl sizes. The tank is equipped with a bleed screw to avoid removing the stainless steel cartridge to clean it.


Pocket filter housing:

The pocket filter is water filtration equipment equipped with one or more pockets made of synthetic fabric or fiberglass. It retains fine particles and contaminants thanks to its filtering power between 1 and 200 microns. Bag filters are widely used in many industrial sectors to improve water quality, such as factories, laboratories, research centers, hospitals and shopping centers and even hotels.


Multi-cartridge filter housing:

The multi-cartridge filter is a water filtration system that can accommodate up to 12 cartridges between 20 inches and 40 inches, depending on the flow rate on the installation, which will effectively remove impurities from the water circulating in the circuit. This filter is made from either PVC or 304 stainless steel and is designed to be easy to install and easy to use.
The multi-cartridge filter is installed in commercial and industrial applications, such as hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, schools and factories. The filter housing can also be equipped with a bypass valve to facilitate maintenance and cartridge replacement. PVC or stainless steel housing resists corrosion for long life. This type of filter housing is equipped with a pressure gauge to monitor system pressure and a vent valve to help evacuate air from the system.



Our water filter housings are offered to meet all of your home or industrial water filtration needs. They are made with top quality materials to ensure their durability and reliability. You can also choose high quality dirt filter cartridges to use our water filter housings to ensure your water is filtered efficiently.