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Insecticides against Flies

Anti-flies marketed insecticides are classified non-toxic to humans and pets with immediate effectiveness.

Their persistence is longer or shorter depending on the media type or quality of the air for broadcasters. It also depends on the fly species, the importance of the infestation or the number of larvae in the partitions.

We can not eliminate the same way flies in rural and urban areas because it takes some time to use several types of treatments to get the desired result.

Insecticides are natural or chemical concentrates active material of the influence of light, heat and moisture.

The main methods of application are spray in the air or on surfaces (walls, floor).
For best results, it is advisable to spray the insecticide concentrate on clean, dry surfaces. So that its properties are not altered, the solution will be prepared at the time of use. In the case of treatment of vertical surfaces, it is particularly important that the solution be well distributed over the walls by cross passages.
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