Home Products: Ecological solutions for well-being.


We offer maintenance for wood furniture products, leather sofa and natural insecticides, or de-icing salt for winter.

Our environmental products generate the least possible impact on the environment.

Our range of products for the maintenance of the house inside and outside is very broad. The stain laundry soaps are effective on many stains on clothing.
The fragrances make a particularly fresh and pleasant scent to your home.
For wood furniture, orange degreaser is the ideal maintenance product for your kitchen furniture in oak.
For the summer season, insects invade our habitat inside or outside, so you must use a natural pyrethrum insecticide to stop their invasion.
There is a choice between aerosols, powders and liquid concentrates to treat case by case flying and crawling insects.
For mice and rats, it gives you the opportunity to choose between oiled pasta and granules.
Test our products for home use by individuals and professionals in rat poison lightning Fragrance by visiting our online store diproclean.com !