If you are a craft beer professional or have your own home brewing system, you know how important beer tube quick connects are. These little accessories are essential for connecting the pipes that carry beer from your fermentation tank to your dispensing tap. What are the different types of beer hose quick couplers available, how do I choose and use them?



What are beer tube quick fittings?


Hose quick couplers are push-fit connectors that connect two hoses together quickly. They are used to connect beer hoses to taps, fermentation tanks and beer pumps. Beer hose fittings are available for several hose sizes, which are usually 3/8 inch, 8 mm and 1/2 inch, to meet the needs of different brewing systems.


Both types of beer hose fittings available.


There are, mainly, two types of beer hose fittings in the market.


Compression fittings

Compression fittings are used to connect copper, PVC or polyethylene beer pipes. They're easy to install and use, and they're designed to be waterproof. Compression fittings are available for different tube diameters to match the pipe. The screwable part tightens the pipe from the outside to compress it on the central part.


Quick fittings

Quick connectors for food tubes are used to connect PVC or polyethylene pipes from the water supply to the beer dispenser. They are easy to install and more and more used because they do not require a tool to connect the pipe. Quick fittings are available in inch (3/8 inch, 1/2 inch) and metric (6mm, 8mm) to accommodate different hose configurations.


How to choose beer hose fittings?


When choosing quick couplers for beer dispensing, it is important to consider the following factors:


Suitable acetal fitting size

Make sure the quick connects you choose are compatible with the outside diameter of your beer hoses. Fittings are available in inch and metric. For 8 mm, it is possible to use 5/16 inch.



Make sure the beer hose fittings you choose are compatible with the other parts of your brewing system. Fittings must be compatible with faucets, fermentation tanks and beer pumps to ensure trouble free operation.



Be sure to purchase quality beer quick connects to avoid leaks and system failures.


How to use quick fittings for brewery?


Food fittings are quick to install and use.
Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Cut the beer hose to the desired length by cutting straight.
  2. Insert the pipe fully into the fitting.
  3. For the compression fitting, tighten the fitting ring by hand.
  4. For the quick coupling, you can add a safety clip to reinforce the lock.
  5. Test the system to verify that there are no leaks.


Beer fittings are essential for connecting the hoses of your craft beer brewing system. You will find all the models available for your brewing system.

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