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Water Purifier Double with carbon on sink

Reference - PR-ACT-2

Purifier Double filtration by kitchen faucet

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Double purifier with pre-filter sediment and activated carbon for drinking better eating quality of tap water.

It purifies water for drinking origin drink with a quick installation near the kitchen faucet.
This filtration system is ideal for tenants of apartment or house that can not make a hole in the sink to install a special tap 1/4 inch.


The water is first passed through a 5 micron filter puromelt to retain suspended solids, to make it clear, before passing into the second activated carbon filter.

Carbon block 10 microns is an essential Cartridge for all water filtration treated with bleach because it absorbs the bad taste, the smell, but also reduced the rate of substances harmful to health, such as pesticides.

The purifier plugs directly from the tap through the zipper bypass valve.

This domestic filtration system removes fetching water and plastic bottles.
It retains the natural minerals and trace elements from the water.
When changing the filter cartridge, you can choose among the cartridges 9 3/4 inches, the cartridge coal original block.


Properties cartridge activated carbon filter :
- Removes Chlorine, bad taste, odors, pesticides, herbicides, seaweed, sand, soil organic contaminants.
- Filters all particles larger than 5 microns (rust, sand, dust, mud).
- Each cartridge is replaced every 8000 liters or 1 year maximum.
- Without loss of water with flow rate of 2 liters minutes.
- CE and ISO 9001.


Filtration equipment provided :
- 1.50 m white hose
- Wrench filter holder
- 1 cartridge 5 micron spun puromelt
- 1 block activated carbon cartridge
- 1 Bypass Valve 1/4 with zipper
- Installation Plan (quick installation without modification)
- Optional mechanical volumetric meter


It is possible to use two water outlets at the same time, this means that someone can get water to the filter for drinking while the other person is doing the dishes.
You can remove the original cartridges to those of his choice, to suit the water quality in the region.



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