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How to properly connect the filter holder to treat drinking water.

Each water filtration step is specific according to its original quality and desired outcome. The filter inlet diameter is important to determine the flow to produce per hour.
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Frequently asked questions
How can I remove chlorine from my water?

When conventional carbon filtration, carbon particles absorb chlorine leaving no negative effects on your water supply. Adsorption occurs when your water comes into contact with the carbon block filter. Coal effectively removes more than 95% chlorine, bad taste, odor and organic compounds to provide clean, filtered water at each water point in your home.
There are two main types of systems which remove chlorine. The first type of system is a carbon filtration station. This system is placed on the main water line.
The second type of system is a purification of drinking water. It uses 2-3 different filters to adsorb chlorine. It is installed directly under the kitchen sink. It provided a custom water feature of substances (chlorine, nitrates, heavy metals).
These systems are affordable standard capacity but require little maintenance because the replacement filters should be changed every year.


My UV lamp doesn't work, how to find where is the problem?

When one realizes that the UV lamp 6 GPM or 12 GPM that we just received does not work on the ultra-violet, there are 3 tests to do.
The first test to check the conciste black case where the fuse is, because it is possible that in the end life of the previous lamp, it has suffered electric shocks. It will suffice to replace the fuse if needed.
For the second test, check that the quartz tube is completely dry, without fog, without traces graces. To clean, you should use a dry microfiber.
Finally, for the last test, you must provide yourself with an ammeter to determine the conductivity of the lamp. We must entrendre a "beep" when the pole + and the pole - are not broken. This helps to know that the filament is not cut or soldered.

What is the frequency of cartridge replacement filters ?


It is best to replace the cartridges every year regardless of the type of filter.
To sediment filters must suveiller color cartridge, in order to maintain its filtering properties. Otherwise, in the event of saturation, the water loaded with suspended matter passes into the next cartridge.
Turns yellow when it is necessary to change it.
For carbon cartridge, it must be replaced every 6000 to 9000 liters or one year.
To determine the volume of water used by the purifier, it is possible to install a water meter.
How to change water filter cartridges ?

There are two types of filtration for water or the filter head is vertical to the filter. To change the cartridge of the filter holder, it is usually very simple to do, because you just unscrew the head with the wrench and rotated a quarter turn. If the seal is not stuck, it takes a minutes.Vous always find a sediment cartridge first and, if any two is a charcoal cartridge for chlorine and bad taste in the second. To filter holders installed in the water supply generally, it must remember to purge it from the head to get air inside the jar. Remember to shut off the water before. However, to change the cartridges in lines, it will loosen the joints on each side or remove the tubing 1/4 inch is pressed directly. We found at different cartridges as needed.

How to change filter cartridges 10 and 20 inch ?

Filter cartridges 10 and 20 inches are designed to fit all standard filter holders 10 and 20 inches. To change the cartridges, simply unscrew the bowl after cutting the water supply. All sediment filters do not have a specific meaning, except where it is necessary container cartridges suveiller the direction of the arrow.

Once you screw the bowl, you can open water.

They vary, in general, every year, to ensure the highest quality of filtration.


How to add an anti-nitrate cartridge ?

When you know you live in an area where the nitrate level is high, there are several ways to design a custom purifier under sink or modifying its existing plant. It is best to have at the base, at least, a purifier of 2 levels, with the first filter holder 10 inch cartridge anti sediment 5 micron, then in the second, a charcoal canister for the block bad taste and chlorine. This system alone is sufficient purification of treated water in the Paris region. You can add him an anti cartridge online nitrates of 12 inches, placed horizontally, above the two filter holders. The only drawback is that ending an anti-nitrate cartridge, you may find a slight bad taste to drinking water. It will be necessary to last a charcoal canister 10 inches to find a good quality water. The second solution is to install a purifier of three levels, replacing the cartridge in the middle chabon, the cartridge by anti-nitrate 10-inch container. This avoids the successive additions of cartridges online and reduce the annual cost of cartridges.

In what sense connect the cartridge Aquapro online ?

There are two types of cartridges line, those with a quick coupling fitted to each end, and also those with a pitch of 1/4 inch.

Each cartridge filter specifically water, depending on what it renforme.
They have a inscrisption "FLOW" with an arrow. This determines the direction of flow of the water during filtration. So, on the side of this entry, it will output to a new cartridge or to the faucet installed on your sink.

How to remove hard water ?

In France, the limestone is present in water in many areas, especially where water is pumped from the subsoil rich in limestone. To filter the limestone, there are two solutions:
- Or utliser softener to power the whole house in freshwater.
- Or use an anti-scale eco no salt, no chemicals, no electricity, with a powerful magnet to prevent tartar from forming and to remove more than one already in the pipeline. It is also equipped with two filter to trap sediment, chlorine, bad taste, pesticides, heavy metals ...
Only cartridges are changed every year around.
It is best to have it installed by a professional.
For more information, visit the home page of the purifier Ydropur WaterO.

How to use the softener resin cleaner?

It is important to regularly sanitize your softener resin with a disinfectant. It is used when changing the filter cartridge sediments, every 6 months or 1 year maximum, or after a long period without operation. It is designed to attack and oxide deposits that do not go during regeneration.

Use resin cleaner is very simple, just pour a dose into the fireplace regulator brine (vertical tube tray salt). By mixing the brine, the product is from the beginning of the regeneration of the injection.

If you want faster action, you can cause yourself regeneration (see manual of your softener).

How to use the sanitizer osmosis ?

The cleaner is intended for all brands of reverse osmosis. It is packaged in a plastic bottle that is poured into the bowl of osmosis.
Before using the Clean RO must necessarily remove all the cartridges found in the filter holder 10 inches, to see a perfect circulation.
Simply pour the entire bottle into the first filter holder, then open the water supply in order to browse the product through other filter holder and membrane holder. The entire reverse osmosis be disinfected, and the tubing.
Clean the RO will then go into the tank which in turn will be completely disinfected.
Leave for a few minutes, then let the water flow again to rinse.
Clean RO works with both membranes TFC membranes with AC cellulose acetate.
The fact of the membrane completely sésinfecter every year, will extend its life.