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Simple purifier under sink with - Anti-chlorine

Reference - PR-AUS1-N

Cleaner carbon under kitchen sink

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Filter water purifier under top sink (with cartridge 10 "Charcoal)

+ 1.50 m tube 1 / 4 inches
+ 1 cartridge included charcoal
+ 1 wrench
+ Installation instructions


The water is filtered through a charcoal filter to remove calcium, chlorine and bad taste.

Removes the drudgery of water and plastic bottles in case of power by the municipal system.

Practical, efficient and simple to install under your kitchen sink.


Properties of the activated carbon cartridge :

- Eliminates : Heavy metals (lead, aluminum), limestone, bad taste, organic contaminants, bacteria
- Preserves the minerals and trace elements from natural water
- Filter all particles larger than 1 micron (rust, sand)
- Suitable for 6000 liters or one year maximum
- With no water loss rate of 3 liters per minute
- CE and ISO 9001
It is possible to replace the charcoal canister is provided by a cartridge 10 "with charcoal and ceramic, or a sediment and activated carbon cartridge if you notice from time to time suspended matter.
To replace the cartridge, just order the standard activated carbon or to a cartridge half-half coal-ceramic for a dual action of purifying your water.
The mechanical displacement meter provided to control the condition of your cartridge, so as not beyond his capabilities. You can set the amount of water must filter cartridge. In making this volume, the meter instantly blocks the passage of water.
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