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Caron filter tap + KDF Energizing

Reference - PR-809F

Quality carbon filter to attach to faucet

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A simple and effective filtration at reduced prices for water.
Adapts to many types of inlets with no screws.
Recommended to always have fresh water and pure.
The filter is composed of activated carbon with high filtering capacity and SP Spun. It changes every 1000 liters, so every 2 or 3 months. It can eliminate all harmful substances to man:
The cartridge greatly reduces the impurities in three ways:
1 - Chlorine (disinfectant of water) and organic impurities causing bad taste and odors are absorbed. Pesticides (such as durian and atrazine), herbicides and other trihalomethanes from the chlorination of drinking water from disinfection processes of running water. The latter belongs to the group of VOCs (volatile organic chemicals).
2 - Heavy metals like lead (deposited in water by old pipes) are filtered by an extractor built for heavy metals.
3 - The fine particles that are the source of turbid water (rust and sand), are filtered by micro filter cartridge.
4 - Algae
5 - Reduce Limestone
6 - Reduces certain bacteria
The additional filtration of this cartridge, compared to conventional activated carbon block, retains sediments through spun fibers.
The life of the cartridge is approximately 1000 liters of filtered water, or three months based on average consumption of a household of four persons. It also depends on the original quality of your mains water or drilling.

It is possible that the cartridge is saturated coal before the 1000 liters planned.
The replacement of the cartridge is quick and easy.
Using the selector lever on the side of the device you selected or filtered water to drink cold or use to make your coffee or tea or water to wash dishes or wash your house.
But it also removes the color and bad taste.
This filter gives all the guarantees water quality, as these competitors.
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