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Compression Connector

Compression Fittings: The Practical Solution for Safe and Fast Connections


Simplify your installations by opting for compression fittings on all types of water circuits or other fluids.
When it comes to installing piping systems, speed and safety are essential. Compression fittings offer an ingenious solution, eliminating the need for laborious technical assembly. Thanks to their innovative design, these fittings allow rapid mechanical tightening, ensuring a secure connection in record time.



Why Choose TEFEN Compression Fittings?


TEFEN compression fittings are designed to provide quick and safe installation, without compromising the quality of the connection. They can be used to connect flexible or semi-rigid tubes in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and irrigation sectors. Consisting of a union nut, a tightening cone and a cutting ring, these fittings guarantee optimal sealing, regardless of the material chosen. Whether you're working with water, chemicals, or high-pressure fluids, compression fittings ensure reliable performance at all times.


Plastic fitting: A Versatile and Reliable High Pressure Solution


Clamp ring fittings are specifically designed for high pressure applications, providing increased safety in demanding environments. These food fittings are suitable for a wide range of industrial and domestic applications withstanding temperatures up to 90°C. Their compact design allows for optimal connection, even in tight spaces, ensuring an efficient and durable installation.

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