Filters for drinking water: Solution for healthy drinking.


There are many people who want to filter drinking water to remove all unwanted elements. Although the quality of tap water complies with Directive 98/83/EC of the Council of November 3, 1998 relating to the quality of water intended for human consumption, the choice of a purifier remains the concern of the French in mainland France or in the DOM-TOMs, such as Reunion Island, Guadeloupe or Martinique.


Which drinking water filter to choose?

Of all the water filtration systems, several are effective for the kitchen. You have the choice between an under-sink purifier, a home osmosis unit or an ultra-micro-filtration filter. You can choose your ideal filter according to your budget or your available space to install it.

The most popular filters are refrigerator water filters, under-sink filters, and countertop water filters.


What should drinking water filtration filter?

Each of these filters remove volatile organic compounds, chlorine and other contaminants from drinking water.

Some are intended for individuals and others for professionals.

The purifier, with filters for nitrates, pesticides, lead or even chlorine, reduces the elements by more than 90% while maintaining the properties of drinking water. It is an inexpensive way to have better quality water all year round.

With the domestic reverse osmosis unit, the water passes through a filter cartridge, or several then a membrane for a result that is 99.99% lime-free. The default is the rejection of 50-70%.

Choose from drinking water filtration systems.