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Under sink water purifier 2 levels

Reference - PR-AUS2-N

Purifier under sink water filtration dual

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Filter under sink water purifier (with 2 levels of filtration)
Comes with a volumetric water meter
  self piercing and Support


The water is filtered by 2 successive cartridges that remove sediment, chlorine and bad taste.

Easy to install under your sink and is cumbersome.
Can be plugged into a 3-way main valve to your kitchen.


Properties of the spun sediment cartridge :
- Made from microfiber heat sealed polypropylene high quality food
- Provides high capacity retention at depth
- Provides good prefiltration before a cartridge charcoal or coal-mid mid-ceramic
- Suitable for 6000 liters or one year maximum
- Has excellent resistance to bacterial attack
- Filter all impurities such as rust, sand, pollen, dust, sediment and sludge.
- NSF Certified


Properties of the activated carbon cartridge :

- Eliminates: Heavy metals (lead, aluminum), limestone, bad taste, organic contaminants, bacteria

- Preserves the minerals and trace elements from natural water

- Filter all particles larger than 1 micron (rust, sand)

- Suitable for 6000 liters or one year maximum

- With no water loss rate of 3 liters per minute

- CE and ISO 9001

This double filtration purifier allows you to perform a purification of drinking water for a proper house supplied with water treated by your policy.
It is possible to replace the original cartridges per cartridge or membrane, ceramic, pleated fiberglass. The long reach faucet supplied will be installed on your sink, to the side of your main faucet, making a hole.
The installation of water filtration system under sink can be performed in less than an hour, either by yourself if you have some basic (very simple) or a plumber plumbing. The replacement cartridges is easy and simple. Simply unscrew the cartridge holders available under your sink and replace the filter cartridges.
The under-sink filtration systems provide the advantage of not degrading the aesthetics of your kitchen, not to take too much space and operate quietly while being effective according to the level of your water filtration needs.
This unit comes with a stand to attach to the inside of the cabinet under the sink and a mechanical displacement meter to determine when to replace your cartridges.

The mechanical displacement meter can be replaced by a programmable digital displacement meter (optional).
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