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Insecticides Outside

Insecticides for the outside of the house are safe and reduce the effects on the environment.

The majority of the use of insecticides used on the terrace and in the garden is to apply effective solutions under control to combat a large number of harmful insects. The frequency of applications varies according to the surface for terraces and gardens.
Insecticidal baits are used to control wasps, Asian hornets and ants to protect the whole family, wherever this is considered an effective solution.

Use small quantities of repellents or attractants depending on the type of insect to be eliminated.

These products meet standards for domestic and professional purposes. Some insects present around a terrace can spread viruses, always keep surfaces clean and cover water points or remove them, such as the flowerpot saucer and buckets. It is advisable to mow the lawn regularly and to cut the weeds at the edge of the terrace.
You can choose from aerosols, liquid attractants and concentrated repellents to eliminate insects during your summer meals.

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