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Insecticides Outside

Control insects outside the house - Useful tips for a healthy environment



Insects, small flying and crawling creatures, are sometimes real nuisances around our homes. They can cause damage, spread disease and create an unpleasant atmosphere. How can you fight these annoying invaders without harming your health or the environment? What are the practical tips for fighting insects that will want to enter your home?


Types of insecticides


Insecticides can be either professional biocidal products or biocontrols for alternative control with the aim of killing or deceiving insects. Insecticides that kill are more harmful to the environment than agents that only fool insects. It is important to read labels and follow the manufacturer's instructions for use. Products that have been approved in accordance with the Chemicals Act and the Biocides Ordinance in France can be found in the Biocides Register.


How to use repellents or attractants?


The best protection against insects is to cover surfaces with a liquid solution. If you need to use insect repellent, be sure to use it only in areas that cannot be covered by clothing. It is not recommended to use the products to be diluted without face or skin protection. Read the manufacturer's instructions for use and follow the dosage and application instructions.


Insects outside


Outdoors, insects are important for biodiversity and the ecosystem. Liquid insect poisons do not distinguish between different insect species. When you spray an insecticide outdoors, it affects all the insects in the treatment area. So think carefully before fighting insects outdoors, as they are pollinators, decomposers, prevent the spread of invasive alien species, are an important source of nutrition for many animals and improve the soil. It is preferable to install attractants with pheromones to select the type of insect to be reduced.


How to fight against insects that want to enter the house?


When it comes to controlling insects at home, prevention is the best method. Try to keep your home clean and tidy to avoid attracting insects. Repair water leaks and cracks in walls and doors to prevent insects from entering the house. Keep food and kitchen scraps well covered and clean up leftover food as soon as possible.


Flies, ants, and spiders are some of the most common insects you might find in your home. To control flies, use fly bags to hang in the garden, to prevent flies from entering the house. To control ants, use ant bait.

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