Maintenance of Furniture

Frequently asked questions
How to clean oak kitchen furniture ?

Kitchen furniture in oak veneer clog in general because of grease vapors, even in the presence of a hood. It is necessary to maintain them with a product that does not attack the varnish making it dull over time. Just use a special cleaner wood restorer based on orange to degrease, nourish and protect in one step. He will keep his grain to the touch and its original color. Soak a soft cloth with the product, then rub on your furniture regularly. After a few minutes, take a dry cloth to shine your wood.

Moreover, it broadcasts a pleasant citrus scent in the kitchen.
You can consult the record of HGP Interview with orange on our site before ordering. It is available in packs of 500 ml. There is also a special prize of 2 x 500 ml.