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Ultraviolet Water Treatment

To have a good filtration of drinking your beverage needs in water and sanitation, we need a system of matched filter.

It is possible to sterilize the water arriving at general home or treating water in specific locations, as the shower.

Customer research is to improve the water daily throughout the year consumption.

It is possible to remove more than 90% of limestone through a patented filtration system to be installed in the shower at the hose. This reduces the use of soap and shampoo, but also improves the maintenance of internal paroies. This material is suitable in all regions of France.

By sterilizing action, UV lamp amends unltra-violet radiation the chemical structure of the living cell. A bactericidal effect on water prevents organisms from reproducing and disappearing.
Each UV lamp is adapted to a quantity of water tranversant sterilizer. Disinfection of raw water is important on barges and in the countryside. The use of the apparatus is simple with a running cost is relatively low.
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