Chemical rodenticides anticoagulants used to eradicate rodents in a defined area within or outside a building.

They are a good compromise between the rapid efficiency, the average cost of bait while protecting man. All products on the market are relatively effective on all known rodents.

Rodenticides react very quickly in the body of rodents, due to the small blood volume and heart rate elevated.

We provide these products to individuals as individual sachets of 25 g average and bulk from 5 Kg to 20 Kg for professionals, breeders, farmers.
We answer all questions on the use of products according to regulations.

Frequently asked questions
Can rodenticides eliminate all the mice and rats around my home?

Mousse and rats that infest houses, garages, barns and other storage structures present a public health problem, but traditional rodenticides can not eradicate rodents completely but can only reduce their numbers.
The rodent population come to areas where fruit remained on the trees and feed outside. They find shelter for buildings and invade surrounding vineyards. The best way to significantly reduce rodent populations is to eliminate
factors that allow rodents to breed and flourish.
You can reduce rodents outside limiting foods available: pick the ripe fruit on trees, keep them closed compost heap, and keep garbage in covered containers. To trap rats and mice with the blocks, oiled or grain pasta, you have the choice between difenacoum, bromadiolone and difenacoum.
These active ingredients are anti-coagulants, ie they work by preventing blood clotting. Rodents who eat rat poison die from internal bleeding within days.
The first time, you should use the blocks to difenacoum near the house or pasta oiled inside because this will determine the real target. You can then choose the type of shelled grain or not skinned or block special Bromadiolone rats.

I only use the rat poison inside, is a threat to wildlife if I never use them outside?

The rodents are poisoned by rat poison inside can go outside to die. The anti-coagulant rodenticides put 2-5 days to kill rodents.
Meanwhile, the rat or mouse that eats the bait several times will truly intoxicated by internal bleeding. The best solution to channel rodents, is to install sticky traps on the passages that look like an entrance or exit of the house, building and storage areas. This will prevent rodents to die anywhere.