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Rodenticides Blocks

Range of rodenticidal blocks designed to kill a large number of rodents considered to be harmful by a lightning anticoagulant.

The animal is quickly eliminated due to an accumulation of poison. It dies 3-8 days after ingestion of the lethal dose.
The block difenacoum or brodifacoum is very effective on the rats and mice present around the buildings of breeding cows, goats or horses.

Poison in block of 35g effective to treat the exteriors of the premises.

They must be placed in baited boxes for bait, in order to prolong the lifetime of the rodenticide, but also to avoid its dispersion in nature.
Treatment can be preventive or curative with an intensive period during heavy periods of infestation in the field.
All of its anti-rats products are sold only to professionals or companies because of their packaging from 5 Kg.


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