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Fittings 15 mm Mobile-home

How to use 15mm quick couplers in an English mobile home ?



What can a quick coupler do for you in your mobile home ?


15 mm quick connectors are increasingly used in mobile homes to connect the various pipes of the drinking water circuit. They replace the old screw-in fittings which could have leaks. These fittings are easy to install, reliable and durable, making them an ideal solution for permanent installations in a fixed dwelling, and temporary in a mobile dwelling.


In which cases should you use the 15 mm quick connectors in your mobile home ?


Drinking water circuit: cold and hot
The drinking water circuit in a mobile home consists of several elements, such as the water pump, pipes, taps and tanks. For the drinking water circuit to work properly, all these elements must be connected to each other using suitable fittings and pipes. 15 mm quick connectors have been used for several years in this type of dwelling. These fittings are temperature resistant up to 65°C. It will be possible to add reinforcement inserts inside the tube to reinforce the end on the hot water circuit.


Choice of fittings and shut-off valves 15 mm
We offer different models of fittings between tube-tube or tube-thread connections according to your needs.
The 15 mm shut-off valve is an important element of the drinking water circuit in a mobile home. It allows you to cut off the power


How to install the 15 mm connection on the drinking water circuit ?


To install a fitting on a cold or hot water circuit in a mobile home, you will need 15 mm quick couplings, a 15 mm outside diameter food pipe and 15 mm shut-off valves.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Cut the food tube straight to the correct length
  • Insert one end of the food tube into the 15mm quick connector, pushing it all the way in.
  • Insert the other end of the tube to a next fitting.

You can reinforce the fixing of the tube by adding a 15 mm safety clip.
For hot water, put tube reinforcements to prevent the tube from softening under the heat of the hot water.



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