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Carbon Block Purifier Water to sink

Reference - PR-ACT-1CA

The purifier is easy to install in your kitchen for your drinking water

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Drink water purifier with 10 micron block carbon on sink with pull-tab fitting.

The drinking water is filtered with an activated carbon cartridge to remove the chlorine and bad taste that persists even after a chemical treatment of the mains water system.
This domestic filtration system eliminates the chore of water and plastic bottles for good quality water, supposedly without nitrate or heavy metals.
Simple, Convenient and Quick to install without making any changes to your sink.
Just lay it on your worktop near your sink, and plug it into your kitchen faucet.
Preserves mineral salts and natural trace elements of water.
When changing the filter cartridge, you have the choice to put a new one among the cartridges 9 inches 3/4, like for example the coal cartridge with antibacterial silver.


Properties of the activated carbon filter cartridge :
- Eliminates: Chlorine, bad taste, odors, pesticides, herbicides, algae, sand, earth organic contaminants.
- To remove the aluminum properly in your water, it will be necessary to use an activated carbon cartridge with KDF.
- Filters all particles larger than 10 microns (rust, sand).
- Usable for 6000 liters or 1 year maximum.
- without loss of water with flow of 3 liters minutes.
- CE and NSF standard.


Filtration equipment provided :
- 1.50 m of white flexible tube
- Filter holder wrench
- 1 activated carbon block cartridge
- 1 1/4 inch bypass valve with zipper
- Installation plan (Quick installation without modification)
- Optional: Mechanical Volumetric Counter


It is possible to use both outlets at the same time, that is, someone can take water from the filter to drink while the other person is doing the dishes.

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