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Which drinking water connection for motorhomes?



Everything you need to know about the 12 mm quick fitting


If you are a motorhome owner, you know how important drinking water is for your comfort and well-being on your travels. It is therefore crucial to have the right equipment and food tubes to ensure that your experience is enjoyable. The 12 mm water quick coupler is one of the most important pieces of equipment you will need for your motorhome. You'll need to rely on this 12mm quick coupler to supply cold and hot water to your entire motorhome or camper van.


What is the 12 mm food quick coupling for the motorhome?


The 12 mm water quick fitting is a type of coupler that connects the water hose that supplies your entire motorhome to your drinking water tank. This type of fitting is particularly useful because it is easy to install and remove, meaning you can easily connect and disconnect from the water when traveling in an RV. It will make it possible to make right angles, shut-off valves directly from the tube or with plumbing thread.


The advantages of the 12 mm quick water connection

The 12mm water quick coupler is a great choice for motorhome or campervan owners.
Here are the most important advantages of the fitting :

  • Ease of Use: The 12 mm quick connect water connector is easy to install and remove, meaning you can connect and disconnect from the water in seconds. This is particularly useful if you need to repair a leak or connect outside to a drinking water point.
  • Durability: The 12 mm quick release water connector is built to withstand the harsh conditions it may face on your RV travels. It is usually made from premium materials, acetal with stainless steel mechanism, which are water and corrosion resistant.
  • Compatibility: The water fitting is compatible with most 12mm exterior polyethylene drinking water hoses used in motorhomes. This means you don't need to worry about your hose's compatibility with the fitting.


​How to install a 12 mm quick connector for motorhomes?


Installing a 12mm quick water connector for motorhomes is quite simple.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Make sure your RV's water pipe is clean and dry before beginning installation.
  2. Check that the tube is cut straight and without burrs.
  3. Insert the end of the hose into the 12mm quick water connector and push it in until it is fully seated.
  4. The connector is designed to withstand a pressure of 11 bar, but to avoid water damage during your trip, especially if you drive on roads with potholes, it is advisable to reinforce the fixing with a safety clip which keeps the closing system tight in the event of vibrations.

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