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Purifier 3 Level 0.9 micron

Reference - PR-AP3-CER

Purifier with ceramic drinking water

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Three levels purifier to filter drinking water in the kitchen sink.

It comes with a faucet and all accessories to install in minutes.
With this filtration system, your water will taste better, chlorine and clear.
In the final folder, the ceramic retains 0.9 microns above microorganisms.
His three stages of filtration are required in areas where water quality often varies during the year.
Replacement cartridges low cost, are used exclusively in this purifier Aquapro 3 or 4 levels.


This system allows you to drink purified water of good quality.


Quick installation without tools with safety valve.
Materials comply with FDA 21 CFR.

Advantages of this water purifier :
- Natural salts and minerals remain in the water because of their ionic and molecular size.
- High reliability and hygienic safety.
- Removes all suspended solids (sand, rust).
- Activated carbon removes chlorine and its degradation products such as trihalomethanes and effectively removes unwanted odors or tastes.
- Improving the quality of drinking water in a decisive way in eliminating almost all organic and inorganic impurities and all BACTERIA, fungus and viral pathogens.
- High capacity and reduction of organic pesticides and herbicides substances.
- Reliable in case of sudden changes in water pressure.
- Low profile with a depth of 7.5 cm.

Specifications :
Dimensions : 280 X 380 X 100 mm
Weight : 3.8 Kg

Flow : 2 liter / min
Operating pressure : up to 4 bars
Size Input/Output : Tubing 1/4 "

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