How do insects get into your house all year long?


The house and the garden are places where the rampant and flying insects multiply throughout the year.
In fact, it is impossible to completely eliminate the presence of insects, and it is no longer good because insects are important animal beneficiaries for the natural balance. However, it can be annoying when the cats are nesting in the food, that the mosquitoes are disturbing your sleep or even that the fireflies are traversing your house in the colony. Here are different methods to get you started.


Attire the gueps with a pie with appetizer

Gueps like sweet and sweet odors, but not sour odors. Place a peg suspended in a branch, the liquid is specially designed to attract, so that it is located inside. There is no effect on bees and bourdons. You can buy a piglet, make the water.
On the table, around you, you can also place a glass of vinegar when you eat to prevent the yeasts from being put on the nourished sugar.


Vaporize the insects

When you are outside or inside the house, and you are disturbed by the overflow of the gaps and the sieve of the flies, install an automatic diffuser with aerosol on the natural pyrethre, for the noise of micro goutlets can approach the insects that want to approach you. Attention to air currents that can reduce its efficiency.
You can also water the asparagus, because they find that it can and will go to their nid.


Capture the mosquitoes with UV light

An insect repellent with UV light is a perfect and non-toxic way to avoid embarrassing insects. UV light attracts insects that receive an electric shock and murmur when they fly to the electric grille that surrounds the UV lamp. You can use the lamp on the inside as on the outside, but if it is suspended on the inside in obscurity and the windows and doors are open, you risk attracting more insects.


Sleep with mosquitoes

Even if you close gates and windows and join the chase to the mosquitoes in the evening, a small insect assoangé sang can always faufiler. Especially in the children's room, a mosquito net is a simple solution that stores the smallest ones with revelations that change the morning or after a siesta. Children also often find it comfortable to sleep under a tent in the form of a tent, like in a cab. Just make sure it is well fixed so that the young children do not slip into the fillet.


Contact preventive treatments

Against stray insects, it is difficult to know its route to enter and exit your home. The solution is to treat the exterior surfaces with a repulsive repellent to create an insect barrier. These products are often the most common in the conventional cypermethrine-based industry. Well used, they allow you to make it more pleasant.


Repost the cafes outside the house

Cafes are insects that many people like as unpleasant. They are salivating, multiplying rapidly and nesting in gloomy and hot places, such as the kitchen. You can put the animal denominations and foods for animals in the closed containers and often clean the interiors of placards, but it is advisable to treat yourself with a repulsive concentrate, be it with a special gel gel to ensure the penetration of the cafes in your house.


Do not hesitate to ask us questions about the insect problems that are present in your life.