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Transparents filters

French design filter housings are to ACS standards to meet all the requirements requested by users.

They are made of polypropylene with transparent or opaque depending on the type of filtration tanks.

There is a wide choice of filters 7, 9 or 20 3/4 inches with a variable input depending on the desired flow rate.

It is possible to connect multiple filter housings together in order to achieve a professional filtration plant for rainwater, drill or from the communal network. Over all filter heads are compatible and interchangeable in order to change its installation at all times.
Each head can be equipped with a brass insert and a vent screw to bring air into the tank before opening with the dismantling key.
The location inside the bowl can receive all standard wound cartridges, spun, puromelt, block coal and other more specific containers.
They are all French standards ACS to ensure the quality of the components.

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