Filter cartridge packs: Replace your filters in your purifiers and osmosis units.



Drinking water is essential to our health and well-being. However, even water that appears clean may contain impurities and harmful contaminants. Home and professional water purifiers and reverse osmosis units are designed to provide pure and healthy water at all times. At us, we understand the importance of maintaining the quality of your water, which is why we offer you a complete range of filter cartridge packs to maintain or install high quality filtration systems.


The advantages of water purifiers and reverse osmosis


Investing in a water purifier or reverse osmosis system has many benefits for your health and daily comfort. First of all, these systems guarantee pure water, free of impurities and contaminants that could harm your health. By eliminating unwanted particles, bacteria and chemicals, you can drink with confidence and ensure the well-being of your family.

Additionally, water purifiers and reverse osmosis units improve the taste and odor of your drinking water. By eliminating taste-altering substances, like chlorine, you can enjoy fresh, delicious water with every sip.


Presentation of filter cartridge packs


Our filter cartridge packs are specially designed to fit Aquapro and Ecosoft filtration systems, ensuring perfect compatibility and optimal performance. Each pack includes a combination of pre-filtration and activated carbon treatment cartridges, providing a complete solution for pure, healthy water.


The anti-impurity pre-filtration cartridge

The first step in our filtration system is to remove large particles and reduce water turbidity. Our pre-filtration cartridge is specially designed to capture impurities such as dirt, sand and rust, ensuring clearer, cleaner water.


Activated charcoal treatment

Once the coarse particles are removed, our activated carbon treatment cartridge goes into action to eliminate organic contaminants, chemicals and bad odors. Thanks to its absorbent power, activated carbon leaves your water fresh and clean, ready to drink with confidence.


Guarantee of always fresh and clean water

By choosing our filter cartridge packs, you can be sure of always having quality water at hand. However, it is essential to maintain and replace cartridges regularly to ensure optimal performance. With their durability and reliability, our packs offer you a practical and effective filtration solution for your home or business.


Offering complete filtration solutions

At us, we understand that each customer has unique water filtration needs. That's why we offer a diverse range of filter cartridge packs, suitable for different types of systems and filtration levels. Whether you need to replace your existing cartridges or install a new filtration system, we have the ideal solution for you.