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Maintenance Leather

Most leather couch talk with balms or neutral specific milk to keep them original appearance.
From time to time, which are often called leather may need to shampoo before being fed.
The leather upholstery is always treated against stains, so it is advisable not to use harsh cleaners or products that could remove the protection.
That your leather sofa is placed in a heated or near a fireplace room, it should maintain the leather two times a year to prevent cracks.
For spots of sebum, very fat, it is better to entrust the cleaning to a specialist who will use appropriate products.
We also offer coloring creams that restore the original color of your leather. They have an immediate effect, but not permanent.
For shoes and upholstery The grease "Le Phoque" is a great way to nourish, soften and waterproof leather.
We invite you to visit our DiproClean cleaners in our shop.

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