Filter Cartridge Kits for Pure and Healthy Water


Discover our filter cartridge kits, essential to guarantee pure and healthy water in your home. Our kits are designed to meet all your filtration needs, whether it is water throughout your home, water from your fountains and purifiers or ultrapure water obtained by reverse osmosis. Each cartridge kit has three essential elements: a cartridge to remove impurities, an activated carbon cartridge to treat harmful substances, and for osmosis units, a reverse membrane from 50 GPD to 700 GPD depending on the model.


Cartridge kits for general household water filtration

Our in-home water filter cartridge kits are perfect for those who want clear, contaminant-free water right at the point of entry. They provide effective filtration of all water entering your home, removing sediment, rust, and other unwanted particles. Activated carbon neutralizes harmful chemicals like chlorine, providing softer, more pleasant water to use, while protecting your appliances and plumbing fixtures from limescale deposits.


Cartridge kits for fountains and purifiers

For those who use fountains and purifiers, our cartridge kits are specially designed to ensure perfectly pure and crystal clear water. Impurities and bad odors are eliminated through fine filtration, while activated carbon takes care of residual chemicals. These cartridges extend the life of your fountains and purifiers, ensuring optimal performance and great-tasting water.


Cartridge kits for domestic osmosis units

Our cartridge kits for domestic reverse osmosis units are the ultimate solution for obtaining water of incomparable purity. In addition to the anti-dirt cartridge and activated carbon, these kits include a high-performance reverse membrane capable of filtering up to 700 GPUs depending on the model. This advanced technology removes up to 99% of dissolved contaminants, including heavy metals, nitrates, and other pollutants invisible to the naked eye, thus guaranteeing exceptional water quality for the whole family.


Opt for our filter cartridge kits and give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that the water you consume and use is clean and safe. Discover our options now and choose purity for your home!