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Home Water Filtration

Initially, it is important to know the origin of the water that supplies your house. Does it come from the city through underground water networks or from the surface?

The main task of any water treatment company is to provide quality drinking water to a city or town, residents and local businesses all year round.

In a house, you have to provide water for your whole family for maintenance, washing clothes, the bathroom or shower and especially the kitchen.


What type of water filter do you need?

So you have decided that the water you are using is not suitable for you, even that it is harmful to your health. Therefore, you should install filtration according to your water flow. First, you need to do the following:

  • Analyze the chemical composition of the water in the laboratory if it does not come from the city.
  • Calculate the volume of your daily or annual consumption.
  • Choose the priorities for using your drink.
  • To determine the location of the filter (most often wash).

Home water filtration systems are growing in popularity as they become more environmentally friendly, cost effective and efficient. Big Berkey water filters take advantage of gravity to pass water through the proven filtration process, using a ceramic filter filled with plant-based activated carbon, which requires no power to operate.


What filters for well water?

Although well water is sometimes the cleanest of all waters, filtration systems are often necessary. These filters will improve the quality of your water by eliminating the contaminants present.

People who want to use it for bathing and drinking sometimes need to have a full filter installed with ultraviolet to keep the water free of impurities and bacteria.


Should we filter rainwater?

We are used to the fact that rainwater is considered a model of purity and has almost miraculous useful properties. Unfortunately, modern reality is far from being a fairy tale. Water can be polluted by various substances: Pollutants that alter the smell of water, pathogens, heavy metals, nitrates.

You can use it for bathing, washing dishes and watering.


In order to organize the supply of drinking water to a private house, the filtration equipment should take into account the daily water consumption, the distance from the source and the power of the pump, if so.