Insect treatment in the animal housing animal has an ecological role, as they have a negative effect on the production of animal species.

Breeders must first identify the type of insect and animal environment to eliminate them effectively and quickly. We offer various insecticides mineral base, herbal or chemical based depending on the processing mode.
Flies are the cause of the transmission of a large number of diseases in humans and animals. They feed on organic substances that may contain bacteria, viruses, salmonella or protozoan cysts.

We provide the most suitable solution to the destruction of flies, ticks, flies or wasps flat.

There are artificial baits or traps with adhesive to reduce the population of house flies and even stop the proliferation.
Preventive and curative control should be conducted at the same time to maintain the building and its surroundings in a perfect hygiene to limit infestations of stable flies, horseflies stables.
Some pyrethrum products are designed for use in organic farming.