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Micro-filtration UF water

Ultrafiltration with Hollow Fibers: The Superhero of Drinking Water Treatment.



Drinking water is the elixir of life, we must rely on it every day to hydrate ourselves and stay healthy. However, with increasing environmental pollution and the constant threat of contaminants, it becomes essential to implement advanced water treatment methods. Ultrafiltration is a cutting-edge technology that has gained notoriety as an effective solution for purifying drinking water. It uses fibers specially designed for certain bacteria, ensuring cleaner, safer and healthier drinking water for everyone.


Understanding Hollow Fiber Cartridge Technology


It is a process that involves passing water through fibers 0.1 microns in diameter. They act as a barrier, allowing organisms to be trapped.
The cartridge is made up of thousands of microscopic, hollow fibers made from materials such as polyethylene. The hollow design provides a large surface area for water to flow through and remove unwanted contaminants.


The Ultrafiltration Process with Hollow Fibers: How does it Work?


Pretreatment Steps in Ultrafiltration

Before the magic of ultrafiltration begins, the pretreatment steps are crucial to ensure optimal performance. These generally involve removing larger particles, sediment and other unwanted substances from water through processes such as coagulation and sedimentation.
During ultrafiltration, water is pumped through the hollow fibers, while contaminating particles and microorganisms are trapped inside the fibers. It's like a VIP party for water molecules, but the intruders (i.e. bacteria) stay outside.


Advantages of Ultrafiltration for Drinking Water Treatment


Improved Elimination of Contaminants and Pathogens

Ultrafiltration acts like a ninja, silently and efficiently removing contaminants and pathogens from drinking water. With a pore size smaller than the width of a human hair, it can effectively remove bacteria, viruses, protozoa, dirt and other unwanted particles.


Improved water quality and safety

By getting rid of harmful substances, ultrafiltration ensures cleaner, clearer and safer water. It improves taste, smell and appearance, making your drinking water a pleasure to consume. You'll feel like you're drinking water from a pristine mountain spring, even if you just pour it from your kitchen faucet.


Energy efficiency and profitability

Who doesn't like efficiency and saving money? Ultrafiltration systems are known for their energy efficiency, requiring less energy compared to other water treatment methods. Additionally, they have a longer operational life, reducing long-term maintenance and replacement costs. So you can enjoy pure and economical water at the same time!

Ultrafiltration with hollow fibers is the water treatment method that you can use instead of UV sterilizer. It traps micro-organisms, keeps water safe and does it with a touch of style.



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