Products of natural eco-label for interviews or to clean the house must be effective in small doses.

We offer cleaning for dishes, laundry or for the renovation of furniture and leather.

Each household cleaner must have a low impact on our health and the environment.

Stop harmful and polluting products for our family !

Instead, choose to plant maintenance and certified eco-label basis or as Ecocert products. Increasingly manufacturers offering concentrated products, in order to be even dilution. This allows for significant savings rather than buying chemicals supermarket.

We spend half of our time inside our house to live in, so it is important to choose the right cleaning products. For furniture, kitchen renovators orange base have excellent results, as one can of 500 ml is needed for an entire year. Oven cleaner gel is effective on all burned and charred surfaces effortlessly and especially without clearance smell.
 In the range of fragrances, natural scents are preferred, to reduce the synthesis traditional perfumes.
 Trying to make the right choice of products by visiting our website store diproclean.com and our blog DiproClean to discover tips and tricks !