Water filters are necessary to filter solid particles and chemicals present.

Depending on requirements, the drinking water needs to be free of certain products to be safe and clear for the whole family.

It will become good in taste with activated carbon and will be lighter due to sediment filters.

Among the anti-sediment filter cartridges, we offer Spun, the wound and pleated washable. Each has advantages for filtering matatières suspended. We have filters for swimming pools, spas, marinas, house, residence, vineyards, industry. The size of the cartridge depends on the rate and the amount of water to be filtered.
Some filtration systems, you can choose from kits depending on your specific cartridge fountain or osmosis. All kinds of filtering are shown.
It is now possible to order an internal filter of American fridge at deflated prices, to view his refrigerator under normal conditions, for drinking water and ice cubes.

You can also find special cartridges 9-3/4 inches or 20 inches to filter nitrates or limestone.