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Why purify my drinking water in my mobile home?


Previously, the use of chlorine was the only method of disinfecting drinking water in a mobile home. Water safety and quality have changed a lot in recent years, which is why today we use, among other things, purified fine sand taken from nature to filter water, hollow fibers or even ozone. Water should be UV treated to ensure it is hygienically safe. It is also possible to add a very low dose of chlorine daily to destroy faecal coliforms, among other things.
To eliminate chemical contaminants in a tiny house, motorhome, boat such as a barge or a sailboat, it is more difficult to choose among the types of filtration, because we are faced with a problem of space. It is necessary to calculate the smallest centimeter to manage to associate performance and volume of the model. Therefore, buying a good filter is a priority.


How to choose the right water filter for your motorhome?

To make your choice, it is better to study in detail the principle of operation, the advantages and disadvantages of each type of filter, so as not to get lost in the diversity of offers.
There are many water filter manufacturers on the market that use filter cartridges, but they don't offer a specific model for a specific need. You must know the annual consumption, the origin of the water and do an analysis if the water is not treated with chlorine.
Because in the fall, health problems in the family can quickly begin. You are most likely to be constantly plagued by nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. Conclusion, there must be something wrong with the drinking water. While doing the checks, it turned out that on some days the tap water can be both cloudy and brown due to runoff after the rains. This can be a problem for both an RV and houseboat owner.
What does not happen in our homes at our tap: sand, rust, algae, fungi, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, all kinds of salts, acids and bases, heavy metals and the list is long. It will be necessary to act first on the impurities and then to treat any contaminants depending on the origin of the water. Finally, you should not neglect the treatment of bacteria and viruses if you have young children.


What type of water should you choose first for your mobile home?

Depending on whether drinking water is to be supplied for a mobile home on the road or on a canal, the best quality of the original water must be found, in order to guarantee its drinking water without having to change the system at each stopover. We are each responsible for our own health and that of our family. Be careful to favor the water points announced as “drinking water”. If you have no choice but to take water from a stream or lake, it is best to go through a pre-filtration of impurities before filling the tank. This avoids deposits in the bottom, and therefore the decomposition of organic matter.


Here are some filtration systems adapted to your mobile home, in order to consume quality water for your family all year round.