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Compact Purifiers

Water filtration system tailored to fit the needs of each person.

Cartridges with identical clips are to be mounted on the head with special safety.

The most comprehensive range of filters on the market to install in any kitchen.

We offer cartridges for chlorine, bad taste , limestone, heavy metals or nitrates. Just choose the most suitable cartridge for the quality of its drinking water. Each head cartridge has a leakage safety device with an O-ring.
On the head, the inlet and outlet are 1/4 inch to connect any filtration tube by installing it on the sink or under the sink.
The life of each filter is approximately one year. Their price is the lowest in the market to ensure a better rapprot quality / price of the system . It is possible to put several cartridges after each other and connected by a coupling 1/4 thread.
By choosing this new range of filters, you 're sure to find a simple and effective for your main or second home filtration.

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