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Fittings Threaded Tefen

Fitting with thread for connecting flexible and semi-rigid tubes.


Tefen screw fittings are essential elements for connecting the various drinking water systems, irrigation or water circuits for machine tools in industry. They allow flexible and semi-rigid pipes to be connected reliably and securely. With a complete range of barbed fittings with thread or thread, Tefen offers a quality solution for all professional and industrial applications.


What are Tefen screw fittings?


Tefen screw fittings are made of either nylon or high quality polypropylene used to connect flexible hoses from the inside to all systems with a water, air or gas circuit. They are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, while being very easy to use. The available threads are 8/13, 12/17, 15/21 and 20/27 with male or female thread.

The advantages of Tefen screw connections
Tefen screw fittings offer a wide variety of advantages for industrial and commercial applications:



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