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Tube Water 15 MM

Range of 15 mm DmFIT tubes for cold and hot water circuits in your English mobile home.

15mm LLDPE polyethylene tubing is used for hot and cold water applications, beverage dispensing, home reverse osmosis or pneumatic applications. Our tubes are made from FDA compliant materials and meet NSF 51 and 61 international standards certified. Our tubes offer excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking as measured by ASTM D-1693.

Semi-rigid tubes with an external diameter of 15 mm compatible with quick fittings.


Important Information: LLDPE tubing is not recommended for mineral oils, gases and fuels or high pressure pneumatic / pneumatic systems. LLDPE tubing is suitable for pneumatic applications providing a maximum pressure of 150 psi at 20° C. At elevated temperatures of 50° C +, mineral oil degrades LLDPE tubing and therefore should be checked periodically and replaced if necessary.

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