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Under sink water purifier 2 levels - Without cartridge
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Under sink water purifier 2 levels - Without cartridge

Reference - PR-AUS2-XX

Double filtration purifier under custom sink

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Purifier under double filtration sink to install to drink a purer water.

The 2-stage filtration system will eliminate impurities and chemicals in city, borehole or raw water. Because it comes without a cartridge, you can put the filter cartridge model that suits your needs.
This purifier is suitable for filtering chlorine, lead, heavy metals and bacteria. If you are looking for a device to filter nitrates, it is advisable to choose the triple filter under sink.

This under-sink filtration system is easy to install from your copper water supply.

To connect it to the water supply, we provide a 1/4 inch fast auto-piercer.
It can be plugged directly into a 3-way chrome faucet in your kitchen sink.
No more chores of water bottles: quick amortization.


The installation of under-sink water filtration system can be done quickly without plumbing skills.
To replace the cartridges it's very easy. Simply unscrew the cartridge holders accessible under your sink and replace the filter cartridges.
The water filtration system gives the advantage of not degrading the aesthetic appearance of your kitchen, not to take up too much space and to operate without making any noise while being effective according to the level of filtration that your water requires .
This unit comes with a bracket to fix inside your closet under sink, as well as a mechanical volumetric meter to know when to replace your cartridges.

To retain bacteria and viruses the 0.02 micron microfiltration cartridge will be finished before your tap. It is useful in areas where there are bacteria and viruses or in a dense tourist area.


Filtration equipment provided :
- 1/4 inch long-range valve
- self piercer and lead free
- 1.5 meters of 1/4 inch hose


Dimensions of the device :
Depth: 140 mm
Width: 280 mm
Height: 300 mm (remember to leave 10 cm for cartridge replacement)

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