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Cartridge filter tap - Carbon KDF

Reference - F-809C

Replacement cartridge for your filter against chemicals

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Exclusively adapted cartridge faucet filter housing 809 Aquapro home.

It is easily replaced every 6 to 8 months by removing the filter housing.

Observe the direction of the installation, depending on the O-ring round the base of the cartridge.
The composition is used to filter all drinking water to be safe to drink good water taste and odor.


It is effective to hold the chlorine, bad taste, the bleach residue, sand and especially heavy metals such as lead or aluminum.
Its advantage, it is the ceramic ball that energizes purified water resortant kitchen faucet.
Its lifetime is estimated at about 12,000 gallons (45,000 liters) or 6-8 months.


It is advised not to use it with water at a temperature above 80°C.

This cartridge is ideal for temporary use of water in a holiday house or a caravan.

Composition :
- Sediment Filter
- Activated carbon granules
- Natural calcium sulphite
- Ceramics


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