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Triple Filter 9 - 3/4 inch - Nitrates - Heavy Metals

Reference - PAC-NITCLO934

Pack of 3 anti-nitrate cartridge and anti-lead domestic

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This set of cartridges are designed to accommodate a filtration station 9 3/4 inches transparent.

The three cartridges respectively filter out impurities, nitrates, and in the last, heavy metals, taste and chlorine.

This allows for a complete filtration, provided you have shown a higher rate than the normal nitrates in the water.
The spun 5 microns retains all the materials in suspension, such as sand, pollen, rust or algae.
In the anti-nitrate container, special resin effectively filter up to 93% nitrates, in order to significantly reduce the rate to normal at 5 mg / liter.
The last round is a mixture of KDF for capturing heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, mercury, but the granular activated carbon with a volume of 2/3 provides filtration of chlorine, odor and bad taste .

It is advisable to control nitrates front after filtration, to check the saturation of the anti-nitratres cartridge.


Composition of the cartridge pack :
- 1 cartridge spun 9 3/4 inches 5 microns
- 1 anti-cartridge nitrates container
- 1 KDF cartridge 1/3 - 2/3 carbon





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