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Pack 3 pleated cartridges 25 microns 9-3/4 inches

Reference - KIT-3PL934-25

Promotional Kit washable filters 25 microns

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These washable at 25 micron cartridges are used in many filter holder 9 3/4 inches.

They can serve you in a pre-filtration of drinking water filtration plant to irrigate your garden or before a domestic softener.
This type of cartridge cleans as often as possible with tap water to remove dirt, algae and sludge that have accumulated during filtration.
The performance of this model are greater than a conventional cartridge spun 25 microns.
To keep as long as possible pleated cartridge should be put in a transparent filter housing 9 3/4 inches, to see color.

They are adapted to well water, rain or communal network.

Removes sediment, sand, mud, rust, dust and pollen.
It does not release any material in water. Its graduated density from the outside towards the inside improves the efficiency of filtration or prefiltration before the activated carbon cartridges or membrane.
It can withstand chemically very wide range of fluids with different pH.


You can put it in a filter housing 9 3/4 inch input 3/4 or 1 inch depending on installation.


Size :
Inside diameter : 27 mm
Length : 9 3/4 inches = 248 mm
Diameter : 63 mm

The cartridge is NSF certified and FDA.


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