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Cartridge kit Voda Filtration 8 mm Polypropylene & Charcoal
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Cartridge kit Voda Filtration 8 mm Polypropylene & Charcoal

Reference - VODA-DUO8M

Replacement cartridges for your VODA 8 mm filtration

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Cartridges for filtering drinking water under the sink - Unrivaled Purity!


Optimize your drinking water with our premium quality filter cartridges.

Maximize the purity of drinking water: Kit of 2 9 3/4 inch filter cartridges for under sink purifier.
In the world of water purification, ensuring the safety and quality of the water you use for drinking or cooking is essential. Whether you're a passionate chef or simply someone who enjoys a refreshing glass of water, having access to clean, pure water is essential.


Beverage Cartridge Kit Features:

  • 1 micron polypropylene filter

1 micron polypropylene cartridge to retain fine impurities. The main function of this filter is to remove as much solid matter as possible from your kitchen water. At 1 micron, it effectively captures sand, rust, dust, pollen and other debris that may have entered your water supply.
The use of polypropylene in this filter increases the durability and efficiency of the carbon cartridge. It is recommended to replace it every six months, if the quality of your seems to vary during the year.

  • 0.5 micron bactericidal activated carbon filter

Pentek CBC-10 Charcoal Cartridge based on briquette charcoal to reduce chlorine, taste and odor in water by 0.5 microns. Additionally, it also reduces Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Entamoeba and Toxoplasma cysts by up to 99.5%, according to manufacturer test results.

  • Chlorine Reduction: CBC-10 effectively reduces chlorine in water, improving the taste and odor of your drinking water.
  • Cyst Reduction: It provides protection against Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Entamoeba and Toxoplasma cysts, which is essential for water safety.
  • High Capacity: This filter can treat over 20,000 liters of water while maintaining its performance, which means fewer frequent replacements.
  • Large Impurity Retention Capacity: It is equipped with a high retention capacity for impurities, ensuring that your water is clean and pure.


Benefits of Beverage Cartridge Kit:

  1. Maximum purity: Effective filtration at 1 micron in polypropylene to eliminate the finest impurities from network water.
  2. Health guaranteed: The bactericidal 0.5 micron activated carbon filter effectively reduces chemical contaminants, such as chlorine and stops the proliferation of bacteria.
  3. Universal Cartridge Compatibility: Fits all 9 3/4 inch portafilters for hassle-free installation.
  4. Improved Taste: Enjoy water with a fresh and pure taste for drinking or for your culinary preparations.


How do I know when to replace them?

We recommend replacing the 1 micron pre-filter every six months, but monitor water flow. This helps ensure optimal filtration of the activated carbon. If your water flow decreases significantly, it's time to change the first or both cartridges at a time.



Cartridge length9-3/4 inches - 248 mm                    
Cartridge diameter2.5 inches - 63 mm                    
Level of filtration0.5 micron
Action anti-parasites CBC1099,95% Cryptosporidium - Giardia
Temperature use4.4 °C à 50 °C
Débit228 L/H à 0.12 Bar
Performance Taste - Odor22712 Litres à 228 L/H
CertificationsNSF - FDA - ACS (PP)
Made inUSA - France


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