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Kit cartridges 9-3/4 inches - Treatment of pesticides

Reference - KT-FPEST934

20-inch filters to treat the vines forge water

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Kit of 3 cartridges 9 3/4 inches for treating a borehole water which may contain significant levels of pesticides.

Both carbon block cartridges filter successively 60 to 70% of the harmful substances with a flow rate of 3000 L/hour. It is possible to increase the effectiveness of charcoal cartridges by reducing the flow rate or by adding a third cartridge carbon.
These three filters are compatible in all conventional filtration systems.

You can use this batch of cartridges to treat a significant bad taste of chlorine on a municipal water system.
The first cartridge only retains suspended solids larger than 20 microns. It is essential for the cartridges coal can retain their properties as long as possible without clipping.

These filters are used to ensure good water quality throughout the year in a wine region or a highly chlorinated area.


Cartridges should be changed every year to ensure optimum efficiency.

Lifetime : 6000 - 900O max or 1 year
Length of cartridges: 20 inches = 248 mm



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