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Kit cartridges purifier nitrates water drink
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Kit cartridges purifier nitrates water drink

Reference - KIT-NITOB9

Set of 3 cartridges 9 3/4 inches for under sink purifier

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Cartridges 9 3/4 inch special under sink purifier to treat drinking water against nitrates and bad taste.

They are placed in a triple purifier installed under your kitchen sink.
Each cartridge has a specific action to treat a city water or drilling with a high level of nitrates.
This kit is ideal to guarantee a significant reduction of the analyzed departure rate at the arrival of the general water.

The first cartridge filters out impurities greater than 5 microns, such as sand, rust, mud. It is necessary to prolong the life of the following cartridges. It can be replaced every 6 months if the quality of the water varies during the seasons.


The following cartridge contains the 100% anti-nitrate A520 resin to effectively treat harmful components.
The last cartridge is activated charcoal with bactericidal action to absorb chlorine, bad taste and odors.
The quality of the coconut char will make your drinking water good.

This kit is not suitable for the 9 3/4 inch triple filtration station placed at the water inlet of the house or apartment.


Composition of the cartridge kit :

- 1 spun cartridge 5 micron 9 3/4 inches
- 1 cartridge container with resin 9 3/4 inches
- 1 cartridge activated carbon 5 micron


Our advice :
Make sure that the nitrite resin cartridge is not used beyond its ability to retain nitrates, as it may be released into the filtered water.


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