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Kit 4 Filters 9 - 3/4 inch - Chlorine - Nitrate - Heavy Metals

Reference - VODACART-934

Special Pack 4 cartridges for duplex double Voda

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Set of 4 cartridges for making a prefilter to the General arrived home to make the water better then be filtered by a specific filter system.

This set of cartridges will suit if you own two duplex filter installed side by side on your pipeline.


The four filters each have a specific function, so it is important to keep the filter order.
The first filter removes sediment to 5 microns, such as mud, sand, pollen, algae ...
Second, the container filled with specific anti-nitrate resin is 95% effective on the known rate before filtration.

Then, the container contains fine carbon granules which was added 160 grams of KDF. This mixture is the only bulwark against heavy metals, such as aluminum, mercury and lead.
It is also a primary filtration of the chlorine and presticides by the action of activated charcoal.
The latest carbon block filter acts as a finish to the taste, odor, chlorine and remaining pesticide residues.

This special kit cartridges must be replaced every year because it is possible that those saturated salt out substances harmful to the body.
You can also control nitrates and chlorine with specific tests.

Composition of the pack cartridges :
- 1 9 3/4 inch cartridge spun 5 microns
- 1 anti-nitrate cartridge container
- 1 cartridge container carbon + KDF special-heavy metal
- 1 KDF cartridge block carbon 10 inches



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