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Kit Anti-lime filter 9-3/4 inches - City - Drilling
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Kit Anti-lime filter 9-3/4 inches - City - Drilling

Reference - KT-SC-934P3

Replacement kit for anti-lime filtration station of 9-3/4 inches

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Set of 3 filters 9-3/4 inches for use in a triplex station that treats hard water.

Each cartridge holds both impurities, releases polyphosphate and eliminates chlorine and pesticides.
They are necessary for hard water drilling or communal network.
The is processed can be used for everyday consumption, in the bathroom, kitchen or even for drinking, as white polyphosphate and food.
It is not advisable to use water after treatment for watering plants.


The first filter is a coil with a filtration efficiency of 25 microns. It should be cleaned regularly to prevent sludge from clogging nylon pores.
The second filter is filled with polyphosphate crystals 15-20 mm in size. It will be replaced every 6 to 1 year, depending on the origin of limestone. This treatment does not remove the limestone but allows to cover the walls of the pipes and apparatuses with a thin layer so as not to suffer the negative effects of the tartar.
The last filtration is 10 micron activated carbon to retain chlorine, odors, bad taste, some pesticides and herbicides.

It is possible to refill the anti-limestone cartridge, thanks to the polyphosphate per dose sold on our site.


Technical characteristics :
Dimensions of the cartridges:
Length : 9-3/4 inches = 248-250 mm
Width : 65-79 mm
End Hole : DOE 25-27 mm
Fine filtration : 60 - 10 microns
Shelf life : 6 - 12 months
Compatibility : Triplex transparent - Triplex Opaque



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