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Kit Cartridges Sediment + Carbon Aquarium

Reference - KC-AIPC

Set of 2 cartridges for reverse osmosis aquarium type or hydroponics

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Cartridges for AquariumPure Reverse Osmosis - Purify your water with ease!



Eliminate impurities and enjoy pure, healthy water with AquariumPure Granulated Sediment and Activated Carbon Cartridges. Easy to install and efficient, they guarantee exceptional filtration for thousands of liters of clean water. Provide your fish and plants with a healthy environment with these premium filter cartridges.


Main advantages cartridges:

Removes sand, algae, rust and suspended particles for crystal clear water.
Removes 99% of chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, and organic chemicals for pure water without unpleasant odors.
Protects your membrane against chlorine, thus extending the life of your reverse osmosis system.
Ensures better water filtration thanks to its multi-layered polypropylene fiber structure.
Easy to install with a 1/4'' thread, these cartridges are compatible with many reverse osmosis systems.
Characteristics of the sediment and granular activated carbon cartridges:

5 micron AIC25 sediment cartridge:

100% extruded polypropylene fiber 5 microns with high filtration power.
Length: 30cm
Diameter: 6.35cm
1/4 inch thread
Capacity: 7000 liters
AIP25 granular activated carbon cartridge:

Activated carbon filter in coconut granules.
Length: 30cm
Diameter: 6.35cm
1/4 inch thread
Capacity: 4000 liters

What is included:

1x AIC25 5 micron sediment cartridge.
1x AIP25 granular activated carbon cartridge.

Take filtration to the next level for your aquarium! Our cartridges provide you with quality purification, protecting the health of your fish and plants while extending the life of your reverse osmosis system. Find out why thousands of satisfied customers trust AquariumPure for pure, healthy water.


Are these cartridges easy to install?
Yes, they are very easy to install thanks to their 1/4'' thread.

What is the filtration capacity of these cartridges?
Each cartridge can filter up to 9000 liters of water.

How long do these cartridges last?
They usually last several months, but this depends on the quality of the water and the frequency of use.

Can they be used with any reverse osmosis system?
Yes, these cartridges are compatible with many reverse osmosis systems.

How often should I replace the cartridges?
It is recommended to replace them every 6 months to ensure optimal filtration.

Do these cartridges remove heavy metals from water?
Yes, they help remove heavy metals for cleaner, safer water.

How can I clean the cartridges before replacing them?
It is best not to clean them, as this may reintroduce contaminants. It is better to replace them directly.



Lenght cartridge304 mm                    
Width cartridge63 mm                    
Level filtration5 micron
Composition cartridgeSédiments AIP25 + Charbon actif AIC25
Temperature use4.4 °C à 38 °C
Flow2.8 L/mn - 0.75 GPM
Service life4000 L - 1000 Gal (AIC25)
ActionsImpureties - Odor - Taste
CertificationsNSF - FDA



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